Grandhill's Dignitary, H.C.


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photo by Sue Stewart


My love affair with Brady began before we were "formally introduced".

I was to meet my "Darren" (AM/CAN CH. TARTANSIDE APPARENTLY) seven month old son at the specialty in Presque Isle the winter of 1988. As I entered the exhibition area, I saw my friend's hu sband grooming a stunning tri puppy dog and walked toward them to see if Bill knew where Sue Stewart was. The puppy never took his gaze from me while his tail thumped a happy rhythm upon the grooming table. I touched the puppy on his lovely muzzle and set off in the direction Bill had told me he'd last seen Sue. On our search for Sue, I confided to my friend that I hoped my puppy was half the puppy THAT tri dog had been.

As you've probably guessed, THAT tri puppy was my Brady, and his tail is forever wagging in my memory.

Brady gave me so much during the life he shared with me. He taught me the meaning of unconditional love and how to never fear placing your trust in another's heart. He taught me the importance of mutual respect. He taught me of confidence i n one's Self and those we hold dear. Basically , Brady taught me of life as it should be in a perfect world. And how I loved his world.

Brady left this earth on March 17, 1996 and although my life got in the way of our pursuit of a title, Brady will forever be a Champion in the arena of my heart. The page you see before you is but a modest memorial torn from the volumes he wrote upon my Spirit. \par I miss you "Big Guy"and your "Tell Mommy a story" antics. I know we'll be together again someday, somewhere up There.


photo by Sue Stewart