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Jodevin Criterion

(Tartanside Preview X Ravette-jodevin Escapade)

"Dillon" (at 3 weeks)

Jodevin Criterion

(Tartanside Preview X Ravette-jodevin Escapade)



Ravette-Jodevin Th' Tanist

(CH. TARTANSIDE IMPRESARIO X Ravette Pandemonium)†

Austin, Dillon, Hayden & Rusty

(Tartanside Preview X Ravette-Jodevin Escapade)

When a breeding is being considered, I have three requirements that must be met by both parents. They must possess soundness of mind, soundness of body and soundness of spirit. These attributes must be present above and beyond any physical attractiveness (the factor which may have first led me to consider the breeding). Collies were originally bred with specific purposes in mind. There are reasons for the coat type, body type and temperament type, etc. Many times these factors are lost or suffer from current trends.

My belief is that a Collie must be bred true to their heritage (click here to link to The Collie Standard). They must have soundness of mind to understand their responsibilities in this world. They must have soundness of body in order that they may glide effortlessly through a day of herding if asked to do so. And finally, they must possess soundness of spirit because that is the true essence of the Collie: a confidant, impish delight in the world and all of itís creatures.